‘Behind the Scene’ Services

At persent, we offer “Corporate Uniforms” and ‘Corproate Gifts” services under this category.

These are customized / tailor made solutions for your unique needs. In returnm creating brand value for your great company.

Corporate Uniforms

Positive Impact aims to provide one-stop, cost effective and comprehensive business affairs services to our clients.

We are a brand name in supply and servicing of uniforms, workwear, and facility service products.

We showcase our customer service-oriented ‘family' culture, as well as our technologically advanced operations that help us provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction in our industry."

Corporate Gifts

Corporate Personalised gifts reinforce your brand. So if you value your brand, show it to your business partners. Our customised corporate gifts will do complete justice to bolster it!

Corporate gifting allows customisation branding i.e. your business logo escorts the warmth felt by your clients.

We not only provide with an assortment of choices but also privilege you with prices that are customer friendly.

The efforts in branding or imprinting a logo on a gift is one of the unique promotional aspect while extending courtesy. For new business and for extending seasonal greetings the importance of gifting is always a useful idea.

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