HR Services

Recruitment and Selection is not only a vital tool in the Employee Retention Strategy for any organisation but it is the backbone of the functioning of the organisation.

Business success is a direct outcome of effective selection and recruitment.

Executive Search

Assembling a board of directors comprised of independent and competent individuals is one of the biggest challenges faced by many organizations. We understand the sensitivity involved and maintain the highest level of confidentiality. Positive Impact realizes the criticality of new Board appointments and has developed unique and well defined approach to fulfil this void.

This is an ongoing recruitment & on boarding activity to clients. With over 30+ recruitment consultants spread across the country and having 4 offices, we have access to a wide range of top talents, including the hard-to-reach professionals who are not actively looking for a job. We search for candidates, screen the CVs, conduct interviews and assessments. Our systematic and technology enabled approach, for the talent acquisition process encompasses of following key steps, that help us work on the needs of all key stakeholders.

  • ❭ Understanding of the client requirement
  • ❭ Mapping and sourcing of candidates
  • ❭ Evaluating candidates via interview/ assessment
  • ❭ Coordinating and managing the entire process till onboarding of candidate

Executive Selection

Positive Impact’s roots in Management Consulting enable us to bring a unique approach to recruitment selection process. We are proud of our long standing relationships and the fact that more than 75% of our business revenue comes from our repeat customers.


The world has now turned into a global village, and so to say the need of skilled human resources is felt strongly across various industrial verticals.

We function as an extension of the HR department in your organisation to handle the recruitment needs of the business.

With a clear insight into the changing business dynamics and enhanced proficiency in tapping the best talents, Positive Impact has come to the forefront of human resource management.

Positive Impact provides clients immediate access to immense global and local HR expertise to drive business performance. We offer a broad portfolio ranging from permanent recruitment and contract staffing to recruitment process outsourcing.

We assist you with the interview process, deliver the most valid and reliable personality assessment report on the market, and act as an unbiased, third-party advisor to you and your team as you onboard your new executive.

During peaks and troughs of an organisation, we can help you flex accordingly. If you expand your business, you require more staff; if your business is downsizing, you have to implement the hiring freeze. RPO at Positive Impact adapts any situation and helps you during these extreme contingencies.

We have helped our clients to focus more on strategic work by taking non-strategic transactional work from their HR resources thereby resulting in improved overall cost efficiency.

RPO in India is a booming business sector, we are committed enough to recruit the professionals just as we would be recruiting them for our own company. And hence this dedication transforms into a delightful recruitment experience for our clients.

Off Role Hiring

Positive Impact has developed a pool of qualified resources over a period of time. Team can come to your office and perform or work can travel to our office. Be it content writing, transaction processing, telecalling or any other turnkey project/ process.

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